Enough to get busy the whole day !

Picnic at the "motu piscine"

Half day at the motu, boat round trip and barbecue on the beach, enjoy the beauty of the lagoon on this heavenly motu.

Price : 9000 XPF/person

Traditional Va'a

Paddle out in a traditional Raivavae canoe, + diving and fishing in wonderful places.

Price : 1500 XPF/person


Go biking around the island at your own rythm....

Price : 1500 XPF/day


Go to a discovery of the lagoon with a kayak, and enjoy the motus in front of the house.

Price : 1000 XPF/day


Climb to the island top on the mount Hiro which ends at 437 meters high, or explore the heart of the island.

Price : 3750 XPF/person

Historic and archeologic tour

Visit many maraes, ancient cult places, local curiosities.

Price : 2000 XPF/person


Personalized formulas

  • Hike (your choice)
  • Local danse show and traditional oven  demonstration
  • Traditional crafting demonstration (your choice)
  • Camping at the motu, "adventure" version with firecamp and ukulele
  • Fishing with traditional raivavae canoe
  • Theme day : coffee
Full board rates:
Number of nights For one person For a couple
4 60 000 XPF 104 000 XPF
5 80 000 XPF 122 500 XPF
7 100 000 XPF 161 000 XPF

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