Free round trip around the island at your arrival


Picnic at the "motu piscine"

Half day at the motu, boat round trip and barbecue on the beach, enjoy the beauty of the lagoon on this heavenly motu.

7000 cfp/person


Rent a bike

Go biking around the island at your own rythm...

1000 cfp/day


Historic and archeologic tour

Visit many marae, ancient cult places, local curiosities.

2000 cfp/person


Climb to the island top on the mount Hiro which ends at 437 meters high, or explore the heart of the island.

3500 cfp/person


Go to a discovery of the lagoon with a kayak, and enjoy the motus in front of the house. 1000 cfp/person

Paddle with canoe

Paddle with a traditional Raivavae canoe, diving and fishing in wonderful places. 1500 cfp/person